About Us


Pocomoke Middle, a proud Maryland public school, is located in the southernmost town on Maryland's Eastern Shore in Worcester County. In grades 4-8, Pocomoke Middle is committed to providing a safe learning environment where staff members, students, parents, and community partners nurture the development of responsible, thoughtful citizens in an increasingly interdependent global society. 

The instruction at Pocomoke Middle is one of an engaging, collaborative, student-centered learning community that embraces diversity and works to strengthen students’ academic, emotional and social skills. We believe in each child having access to a challenging, comprehensive curriculum focused on interdisciplinary approaches and problem-based coursework that emphasizes critical thinking skills is paramount to developing successful students. We work to develop life-long learners who solve global problems in creative and innovative manners, not merely students who answer questions. 

The staff’s efforts to work with each child as an individual allows for the sustainability and productivity of Pocomoke Middle students at its highest level. Within our whole child approach, staff support and reinforce the health and well-being of each student.


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