Pocomoke Middle School 4/5 Science Fair 2018/19 

The 2018/19 4th and 5th Grade Science Fair winners are as follows: 

4th Grade Experimental Class 

  • 1st Place-Mrs. Custis’ Class “Tough Tissues” 

  • 2nd Place-Mrs. Sturgis’ Class “Paper Towell Absorbency 

  • 3rd Place-Mrs. Metzger’s Class “Cold Water Challenge” 

4th Grade Experimental Individual 

  • 1st Place-Savannah Pittas “Peanut Butter Crystals” 

  • 2nd Place-Logan Frostrom “Who Knows about Slime?” 

  • 3rd Place-Giana Thomas “Porous Rock, Where Are You? 

5th Grade Experimental Individual 

  • 1st Place-Landon Makinen “Wing Angle” 

  • 2nd Place-Maria Walters-” Inflating a Balloon With Chemicals” 

  • 3rd Place-Shy'Asia Bowen- “Liquid or Solid? You Tell Me” 


Congratulations to all of the participants!  You will be receiving the scoring rubrics and an information packet before you leave on Friday.  Please take your projects home, remove the ribbons and make any changes over the break.  Projects need to be returned to school by Friday, January 11, 2019 in order to be entered in the Worcester County Science Fair.  This will be held on January 16, 2019 at Worcester Technical High School.